Sue Kauffman, 68

"Note to Self: You are not too old, and it is not too late."

I am very proud of my farming background, as being raised on a dairy farm has taught me so much about life, love and hard work. My sons, their wives and my five grandkids are the lights of my life and the reason I’m still in PA and not somewhere warm. My careers have changed from being a farmer to a secretary to a fundraiser/event planner for Children’s Miracle Network to the design world of being a faux finisher/decorative artist, and most recently, owning a nationally-recognized award-winning home staging and interior design company. At some point, I want to live by a lake, enjoy the sights and sounds of water everyday, paint, and relish my family’s lives.

being over 60 is:blessed

FUN FACT ABOUT ME: I was the 1971 Lancaster County Dairy Princess, and I loved showing cows during my teenage years in Dairy 4-H.

Favorite film: When Harry Met Sally

Favorite meal:Cheese is the one food I wouldn’t want to live without. A wide variety of cheeses.

What I'm grateful for right now:

The love of my husband. He is my best friend.


Lancaster, PA 17603