Marie Linares, 68

"Work as if everything depended on you and pray as if everything depended on God " --my mother
"Don't mess with me and my Holy Ghost". --my father

I am a Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt and Friend. My profession as a psychotherapist at BHC grew from my introduction to dance as a healing art by my Mother Mabel Stultz King. When I heard the words Dance Therapy in my freshman orientation at XULA I knew that was my vocation. Growing in the use of creative arts in healing is my passion second only to my love of communion with our Creator and extended family.

being over 60 is: freeing. I've learned self acceptance and compassion

FUN FACT ABOUT ME: When not dancing you will find me in the water, preferably the ocean. Part mermaid or as my son would say "sea creature". most people don't know I've been a Lifeguard since I was 16.

Favorite book: Story of a Soul

What I'm grateful for right now:

I am grateful for my family my son Charlie and granddaughter Michelle, the extended King-Linares clan and especially for my family of the heart Velasquez, Quigley and Tippitina's. All of you including FORCE who remind me that family transcends biology and is created through bonds of love.


Lancaster, PA 17603