“What’s one more?”

I am a child and sibling, a wife and mother, a friend and leader. In my most hectic days I am working as the Chief Human Resource Officer of a company who cares for over 10,000 employees or I am the mother of five. Both are enriching, exciting and truth be told I would pick being a mother of five over everything I do.

The hardest and best thing I (with my husband) have done in my life was adopting our fifth child. Everything in my life was directly influenced by my parents and the values they instilled in me.

being over 50 is:fulfilling

something people may not know ABOUT ME: My brain never stops thinking, creating, dreaming. Some people think I get everything I wish for but in reality when I have an idea or wish or dream I never stop taking tiny steps until I get it.

Favorite meal:I love all food - but my favorite is a ripe tomato and basil from garden with some yummy cheese and bread.

What I'm grateful for right now:

My sister. I talk to her multiple times a day. She is my rock. She is smart, no nonsense and I adore teasing her about sister stuff. And my mom and dad for the incredible parents they are and have always been.

Jennifer Montgomery Rausch, 56


Lancaster, PA 17603