Have you ever wanted to experience what it feels like to do a magazine style photoshoot? Are you an actor, historical reenactor, or cosplayer? Do you dream of dressing like Jane Eyre, Elizabeth Bennett or Marie Antoinette? We can do that! All of it. Have an idea? Let’s hear it!

Thanks, Michele!

"I can't say enough great things about my experience at Michele's studio. Not only is she a very well-trained and highly skilled photographer, but her technique is perfect for someone like me, who normally hates to have her picture taken. Michele spent a great deal of time with me, learning about me, pampering me and making me feel beautiful. She has a talent for bringing out the loveliness in each of us, and showing us that our images are, in fact, worthy of preserving in a fine photograph! I think what she offers is something everyone (particularly moms, who don't generally do much for themselves) should consider. I'm hoping to come back with my daughter and mother for a generational picture, and I know we'll all have the time of our lives doing it. Thanks, Michele!"

Laura Bakin - Shepherdstown WV