Carla Saylor, 58

"Do small things with great love" -Mother Teresa

I enjoy art, music, travel, relaxing with family, friends and our cats. I focus on being grateful, positive and look for the lesson or silver lining in difficult times. I'm a daughter, sister, wife and Mom of an internationally adopted son with autism who makes me proud. I'm also a Licensed Massage Therapist, Actor and owner of Mandarin Rose Spa at the Lancaster Marriott. My hubby makes me laugh and keeps me grounded. At 58, I've become my best self and find joy in everything because it's all about perspective.

being over 50 is: Liberating

fun fact: I can be a silly goofball!

Favorite Film: Les Miserables

Favorite Meal: Paella

what are you grateful for right now: my supportive spouse


Lancaster, PA 17603