An Old Fashioned Girl.

A recent shoot with my youngest child. She surprises me how well she poses but then I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given she’s been in front of my lens for many years.

I love these “dress up” shoots and will admit that dramatic lighting and dark backgrounds are a current favorite.

Her costume is a vintage dress on top covered with a black silk taffeta ruffled skirt. Both pieces were sourced locally. The brooch pin is a reproduction I ordered on Etsy.

The chair is a Victorian original that I picked up locally for a song and transformed into a golden beauty.

The setup on this was fairly simple. One light (Stella CL 2000). Full power, bounced into a silver lined octagon umbrella. No diffusion. I didn’t use a reflector but there’s a white wall camera left so that definitely helped.

The backdrop on this was simply paper covered insulation boards. I bought 4′ x 8′ foam insulation boards at Lowe’s and covered them with white paper on one side and black paper on the other. I got the paper on Amazon in a 50 ft roll. It’s 4′ wide so it works perfectly for this application and I can re-apply it when needed. I attached it only at the top and bottom with tape which is easy to do and quite fast. Also as the boards I used can shed foam occasionally I covered all the edges in tape too which give the added benefit of them sliding nicely across the floor.

I had planned to tape them together to make a “V flat” but I have been using them separately and finding it to work well for me. The boards are not thick (1/2 inch I think) but the foam is very rigid and I have had them for 2 years now with no warping.

Camera settings:

Nikon d750 | Sigma Art 50 mm lens | f 2.8 | 1/125 s | 640 ISO


Shot in RAW format. Edited in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. Toned with Infinite Color Panel.


Questions? By all means ask. I am happy to help if I can.

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