Have a question? Check here first and you might find the answer!


Q. Do the planners come with month tabs?

A. No. Unfortunately our source for low cost tabs is no longer available so we have had to discontinue including them with the planners.


Q. What are those numbers for the cover options?

A. The numbers correspond to the pictures in the gallery. If you can’t see the cover options click here for the image.


Q. How can I save 10% on my order?

A. Send your payment by mail and deduct 10% from your order total! See here for details.


Q. What is you return/exchange policy?

A. 15 days in new condition. Details on the returns page here.


Q. Do I have to use the online shopping cart if I am sending you a check or money order?

A. Yes please. The site stores all order info. and this helps me manage inventory and be sure the right things get where they are supposed to. There’s a “By Mail” option so you won’t have to pay online but your order will be recorded and held.


Q. Do I still get free shipping if my order goes below $25 after the discount?
A. Yes! If your order total is $25 or more before the 10% discount* you will still receive free shipping!


Q. Can I order by phone?

A. No. We cannot take phone orders at this time.


Q. Can I get more than one lesson planning pages bound in with my planner?

A. Yes but only up to two for coil bound. Any more than two won’t fit the coil and will make it too hard to turn the pages. The options for planners are listed in the dropdown box on the planner order pages. If you can’t see the dropdowns try switching browsers. Also, dropdown menus may not work on mobile devices.


Q. Do the coil bound planners come with a plastic cover for protection?

A. Yes. All coil bound planners come with a full color cover plus a clear vinyl cover and a solid black or blue poly cover on the back. Hole punched planners come shrink wrapped with a full color cover only.


Q. Do the hole punched planners come with a binder?

A. No, the hole punched planners are just a refill to fit in a binder


Q. Do you sell binders?

A. Not yet but we hope to offer them in the future.


Q. Can I choose one of these covers for my menu and/or lesson planner?

A. The cover options are for the daily planners only. Both the menu and lesson planners already have their own cover.


Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. No. At this time we can ship only to US addresses.


Q. Is my credit card number safe? Is your process secure?

A. Yes! We do not receive any information about you except your billing and shipping address. PayPal processes your credit card and stores the information on their secure servers. We never even see your credit card number!


Q. Is my personal information safe with you?

A. Absolutely! We take privacy very seriously and we will never sell, rent or give out your information to anyone.